Postdoctoral Affairs

Postdoctoral research fellow Phoibe Renema, Ph.D., takes digital images of cellular cultures as part of an experiment.

Postdoctoral Affairs in the College of Medicine is overseen by the Office of Research Education and Training (ORET). ORET thrives to provide support in all areas of postdoctoral affairs in the College of Medicine by:

  • offering administrative support to faculty and departments when hiring a new postdoctoral fellow;
  • coordinating the onboarding process to make the transition smoother both for fellows and departments;  
  • supplementing the laboratory training with career and professional development opportunities;
  • and supporting postdoctoral fellows to improve their experience by fostering a sense of community.


▼   Postdoctoral Job Opportunities

Postdoctoral Job Opportunities in the College of Medicine

Postdoctoral Position in the Sobol Lab

A postdoctoral position is available in the laboratory of Dr. Robert W. Sobol, Director of the Molecular & Metabolic Oncology program at the University of South Alabama Mitchell Cancer Institute (USA-MCI) in Mobile, AL, USA. This appointment will focus on the cell and molecular biology of Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma (HNSCC). This project will investigate the role that Ancestry Informative Markers (AIMs) in select DNA repair and DNA damage response genes may contribute to the biological basis for the observed health disparity among patients with regard to clinical outcome. 

This position will provide a unique opportunity to apply state-of-the-art cell biology, molecular biology and gene editing approaches to uncover mechanisms impacted by defects in select DNA repair and DNA damage response genes with an initial emphasis on DNA polymerase beta. The position requires a motivated postdoctoral fellow with experience in cell culture, flow cytometry, and molecular biology approaches. Experience with confocal microscopy techniques and gene editing would be a significant advantage as well. 

The Mitchell Cancer Institute is a highly interactive and collaborative research environment where interdisciplinary research approaches are utilized to help improve our understanding of cancer, it’s treatment, and it’s prevention. 


  • PhD degree in cancer biology, biochemistry, toxicology, or pharmacology.
  • The project also requires standard molecular biology techniques (PCR, cloning, immunoblotting), cell line cultivation and maintenance, standard toxicology techniques (cytotoxicity, comet, and ELISA or immunofluorescence). 
  • Experience with confocal microscopy is a plus.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English.

Positions will be within the Department of Oncologic Sciences and the Mitchell Cancer Institute at the University of South Alabama. To apply, please send your curriculum vitae to:

Applications will be reviewed and evaluated on an ongoing basis.

The University of South Alabama is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


▼   Resources for Fellows

Resources for Fellows

If you have any questions about postdoctoral affairs in the College of Medicine or any of its facilities, please contact Dr. Tom Rich or Angie O’Neal.