General Education

What is the importance of General Education?

General education is a way of insuring that students exit college with a broad range of knowledge and skills. College graduates should know at least something about a variety of different areas of study to be well-rounded individuals. Connected with this, general education should be personally enriching.

Most students enter college not knowing what they want or need out of the college experience. Gen Ed. allows them to explore options while at the same time making progress to their degree, even if they don’t yet know what they wish to major in. This progress should be reasonably transferrable to other institutions.

Skills learned in general education courses are often of greater importance to student’s lives and subsequent careers than the content of what students learn.  The wider range of experiences provided by a general education curriculum ensures that they have mastered a greater range of such skills, because different disciplines have different expectations for students.

Definition of General Education

  1. General Education
  2. Core Curriculum
  3. Writing
  4. Oral Communication
  5. Technology