South Sport Awards Cookout

Each year, at the conclusion of the season, we host our annual South Sports Intramural Awards Cookout! We have food, fun, and the best prizes to offer on campus. During the event, we award outstanding teams and athletes that shine bright during our sports. To nominate someone that you believe fits the mold for the below awards, please click the link.

Hall of Fame

Members of the Intramural Hall of Fame are elite athletes, staff members, and participants that have demonstrated a lasting impression during their time at the University of South Alabama. These individuals have won championships, been on hundreds of teams collectively, and have truly left their mark.

2019 Class

  • Donald Bankhead – Love Ya Nii
  • Kurt McAlpine – Love Ya Nii
  • Malik Gordon – Last Chance U
  • Shay Cannon – Chi Omega

Athlete of the Year

The Athlete of the Year is awarded to two participants in our program that truly embody what it means to be champion. Their leadership, athletic excellence, and loyalty to their performance makes them stand out amongst the rest.


2019 Class

  • Brandon Esleck – DPT 2021
  • Kelly Young – DPT 2020

Team of the Year

DPT 2021

Champions 2018-19


  • Multiple Scorosis – Co-Rec
  • The Lions – Men
  • Chi Omega – Women

Flag Football

  • DPT 2021 – Co-Rec
  • USA COM 2021 – Men
  • Phi Mu – Women


  • South Elite – Co-Rec
  • Illicit – Men
  • South Elite – Alumni Men
  • We Get Buckets – Women
  • C100 – Shortman


  • Block Party – Co-Rec
  • Best Sets Ever – Men
  • Safe Sets – Women


  • DPT 2020 – Co-Rec
  • Backdoor Sliders – Men
  • Phi Mu – Women