Students smiling and talking at a table.

JagFIT Students

In this digital age, chasing our accomplishments and goals may seem like a certain path to success. Students select majors that align with the lifestyle they may want to lead. They take on additional social responsibilities and obligations to make sure they appear to be a well-rounded individual. Some may even overextend themselves with internships, volunteer hours, and jobs to increase their capital. While all of these things appear to lead to the path of success, they also leave very little room for health and wellbeing. That’s where JagFIT comes in.

JagFIT Students is a multi-platform wellness program for students at South Alabama. We host fitness and nutritional challenges, present information about other departments on campus that can assist students through their college journey. We also encourage students to spread out and explore what South Alabama has to offer. Once you arrive at South Alabama, you are a Jaguar, and we want to assist you in becoming Jag-Fit before you leave.

Our Way to Wellness